How To Make A Career Transition In Data Science :: The Switch From Sales To Data Science

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Here is What You'll Learn

What is Data Science?

Understand what is Data Science. Explore various career opportunities in Data Science. Data Scientist is not the only role in Data Science. There are different skill set required for different processes of Data Science.

Why do people succeed?

Understand what it takes to be a data scientist. There is plenty of learning content available on the net for free. What most aspirants lack is a good mentor. A mentor can guide you best as he/she has faced the same difficulties as you.

What the market wants?

What kind of profiles are getting hired for Data Science positions is a great insight. You can then match your profile to theirs and also connect with them for better networking.

Why do smart people fail?

Not every aspirant becomes a Data Scientist. In order to make the transition it is important to know what mistakes to avoid.

How to switch careers?

Learn how you can make the transition in Data Science. We have a special recipe designed just for you.

Open Q&A and Networking

Lastly, get all your queries resolved with an open Q&A session.


About Sagar Dawda

Sagar Dawda is a Data Scientist at Episource. He is a perfect mix of entrepreneurial brain with logic of a Data Scientist. He is currently responsible for end-to-end deployment of ML algorithms with the help of the Data Engineering team. His job involves: + Create Feature Engineering pipelines based on project + Appropriate selection of Machine Learning models + Ownership of the model in terms of performance and business output + Handling structured and unstructured data for the ongoing projects Sagar is a Data Scientist who comes from a background of Sales with 6+ years of experience. He has seen a huge career shift from Sales to Data Science. He is a great mentor to learn Data Science from. His story itself is very inspiring. Tech stack - Python, Elasticsearch, Pandas, NLP, LPP, Flask, MySQL

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